New Marketing for the New Economy,




In the event that your folks and grandparents are in any way similar to mine, you may have grown up with tales about how much simpler you have things when contrasted with them.

Truth be told, I heard how my Dad’s minuscule town in rustic Italy didn’t have power until my granddad brought it – via a vehicle battery.

Also, obviously, they strolled to class 5 miles tough, the two different ways. ï

So is it valid for advertising and developing your business.

In the “old” days:

• High overhead

• Limited to business hours (normally 9am – 5pm)

• Limited to nearby customers

• High “contact” costs utilizing print and snail mail (sit tight and sit tight and sit tight for reaction)

• Cold calling

• Expensive publicizing

• Dress up and drive to office

• Work hard, be away from family

Mid 2010 and earlier:

• Low overhead/low obstruction to section (great and terrible)

• Have site? Open every minute of every day for business

• Clients are worldwide

• Low “contact” costs, moment reaction

• Know, as and trust

• Inexpensive/f.r.e.e. “publicizing”

• Work from home in pjs in the event that you need

• Work brilliant, home with family for supper, schoolwork, and so forth

What’s more, everything’s moved once more. In case you’re not ready for it, you’ll be left a long ways behind as your optimal customers can’t help thinking about why you’re withdrawn from the current reality and go somewhere else for what they need.

My Request To You

Section 2 of “New Marketing for a New Economy” will share the methods of reasoning vital for accomplishment in 2011.

Among now and next issue, set aside some effort to write down what YOU believe are the showcasing ways of thinking which will impact you and your optimal customers in our “new” economy so you can contrast notes and me one week from now.